Nerf Is da Bomb (or is it?)

News was posted about a change apparently added to 1.3.5 that affects both Bright Wizards and Sorcerers. The changes:

  • Bright WizardScorched Earth will now cost 20 Combustion instead of Action Points. The ability will no longer build Combustion.
  • SorcererSurging Pain will now cost 20 Dark Magic instead of Action Points. The ability will no longer build Dark Magic.

This means both classes will need to change the way they manage their respective backlash mechanic. I can’t speak for Sorcs (I assume it’s similar), but as a BW when I’m in a group with dedicated healers … I rarely worry about my Combustion. Meltdown? What the heck is that? I’m at 100% most of the time and the backlash effects should easily be healed by my healers.

This will neuter bomb groups until they figure a way around it (which won’t take long). I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. Easy for me to say since I rarely run in bomb groups. From what I’ve been told, once you’ve got the whole “bomb” process down, it’s easy — perhaps too easy. Each member of the group uses a few specific abilities — some to the Nth spam power — over and over as they instawreck anything that gets in their way. To me, that’s not challenging. I have a standard rotation of spells that I run through and then there’s a series of others I use as needed depending upon the situation. Running around spamming one abilitiy … really? Is getting the renown or winning that important one opts for the easy button?

I guess I’m just some Benedict Arnold to my class for not drinking the kool-aid.

Players can still feel free to spam away with Scorched Earth and Surging Pain but will find themselves not putting out the same damage as their Combustion/Dark Magic falls to nil. Heaven forbid you have to mix in another ability here or there. Bombing has been a problem for a long, long time and as Bootae says … player skill has nothing to do with combating it … you simply can’t beat the math of the damage output. For some more insights into bombing, see this post over at Blurring Shock. And check out War 4 Scrubs’ post … he’s thinking what I’m thinking.

The math is pretty simple though … I can hit an opponent with SE for anywhere from 400 – 1600 damage each time I use it depending on my Combustion and crit in conjunction with their armor, resists, etc. Imagine two of me doing this every second or so while being guarded and healed. All the while running with a tank who can debuff your wounds. You’re dead. Fast.

I’ve always tried to play my BW from range because, after all, it is a RDPS class. I often fail because I’m a terrible kiter and I have a tendency to just want to get sucked into the fight. Scorched Earth comes in handy when someone gets too close or I run in for a killing blow. Some BWs rely heavily on this ability so I guess this might hit some of my brethren harder than it’s hitting me.

My only bother with this nerf is that I liked using SE to build my Combustion … guess Flame Breath is my new friend. Toasty.

4 Responses to “Nerf Is da Bomb (or is it?)”

  1. Make sure you tell your new friend Flame Breath about Fiery Reserves Tactic. It will do the same thing as SE used to, but twice as fast, and still be pretty deadly.

    • Thanks for that Wasdstomp, I will look into it.

      Re: the changes. I haven’t been in a bomb group, so I’ll probably not going to miss what I didn’t have.

  2. Interesting change. I hadn’t kept up with the developer’s thread in a while, and had only heard of the boiling blood/word of pain change. I’m definitely in favor of moving any close-range damage attacks from a ranged dps class to a lower level.

    Make classes perform best in their assigned roles with minimal utility when playing far outside their assigned archetype, I say!

    (Also, thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I’ll be sure to do the same!)

    • Balance is good … I’m ambivalent to this change as it really only affects my pre-battle Combustion builder. In the long term all this will do is cause bombers to build their Combustion slower … then when they get in close they’ll use SE and then Flame Breath alternating each.

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