Here, There, Everywhere

Carrie’s all over the Internet … found her this time on Massively giving an interview discussing where WAR is headed. It’s a good time for Mythic to be putting some new buzz out there about WAR. A lot of hard work has gone into these past 6 months and the game is a much different experience than before. And when 1.3.5 goes live things will be that much better.

Interestingly the interviewer asked Carrie about the missing capital cities. And if you were in the Dev Q&A Tuesday night after the PTS event the city question came up there, too. Altdorf and the Inevitable City have just received major facelifts to their impact on the game … wouldn’t four more city experiences be that much more awesome? When asked specifically about those missing elements I feel slightly hopeful with Carrier’s answer:

They’re not off the table. There are two pieces to the city: it’s a whole lot of stuff to do, and we weren’t even completely satisfied with the two that we had. Now that we’re taking a look at the new city gameplay, we might go and say “this is great, we can find an interesting way to reintroduce those cities for sure.”

How much more dynamic would the overall campaign be if there were three cities to attack, three to defend? I’ll discuss this in a future post.

Carrie was mum on 1.3.6 and I can understand her caution. The missing armor redesigns rubbed a lot of people the wrong way last Fall. So she doesn’t want to make any promises that might not come to fruition. There’s been some talks concerning that next patch and little bits are known. I’m wondering what has Carrie so excited about patch 1.4?

I enjoy stopping by Massively since it covers so many different MMO’s. It’s nice to see what’s going on with other games. What I don’t like is the limitless number of trolls who post virtually nothing but venom in the comments. Honestly, it never fails when I read the comments for just about any WAR article there and it’s a malaise of dreck. What’s awesome about this article … Grimnir represents and slaps down some of the trolls in the process. Huzzah, Grim!

If you’re reading this blog and haven’t played WAR in a long time or if you’ve never played and are interested … just know the game today is light years from its launch. Like so many things, people need to make up their own minds and with the free trial available … what does one have to lose? Not much.

3 Responses to “Here, There, Everywhere”

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  2. Gottfreyd Says:

    You know, I have been wondering the same thing about the other cities for some time now. Think of how Dynamic it COULD be. If defending against players is more beneficial than attacking an empty city you could have some really intense push and pull in the lakes as people scramble to the lake that is closest to getting to a city. It has the potential to draw the population into a single pairing for some massive battles, as they originally envisioned for the game.

    The problem is, of course, that many players seem to require a mercenary reason to defend, or even attack. If the rewards are not handled quite right, you can inadvertantly encourage players not to participate. I will introduce the Mail Box camping committee during an impending zone flip as exhibit A. You could encourage players to bypass each other completely and go for the undefended pair. The trick is all about stacking the rewards in favor of fighting other players during these activities. They already do a bit of that, but they will have to perfect that before 6 cities will work as they were intended.

    The other issue is the Black Crag effect. If one or two cities become annoying enough to players that they shy away from them, then you dont see combat there that often. I still haven’t finished my Dwarf inf in T4 because the dwarf tier isn’t fought over nearly as much as the other two. This is a tough thing, because you also dont want to make all the cities mirrors in layout, because that really takes the joy and flavor out of them. They need to be unique but equally compelling.

    Just off the top of my head, what would it be like if they introduced varients to Sov gear? Each pairing provides a different set of stats for Sov, each one representing one of the three trees for a class, with a special ability in that respective tree for a full set bonus. I am just thinking out loud here, but that could make things very interresting, and would give people that extra bit of something to grind for that those poor rr80 people seem to so desperately want, while making it a horizontal expansion and avoiding the mudflation/level jump issues common in verticle expansions.

    • Yes, incentives are the key to getting everyone out there to fight. I don’t mind chasing a carrot here and there …

      I must be telegraphing my brainwaves … you’re right on my wavelength on this (and there’s a few posts on the way pertaining to the missing cities). I would envision a series of Live Events that would focus the fight in one pairing.

      Like you I would envision a different set of RR74+ gear comparable to Sovereign that players would get in the other two pairings. I like your train of thought … many players aren’t happy with the Sov gear … so offering up two additional end-game sets would be a nice way to appease all. One city offers a defensive set, one an offensive, and the other a hybrid. What else do RR80 players have to chase once they have it all? Give them something.

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