NPC Here … NPC There

This is PTS week … and it sounds like last night’s test of the new city siege in Altdorf was a success. Go on over to Grimnir’s site for a nice writeup on the event. I love Grim’s style and he paints a pretty awesome picture for the new city.

Grim also did us a service by recording the Dev Q&A sessions after the test (the link is in his post). If you get the chance it’s worth the listen. They go over player questions and give a ton of answers. There’s also several “no comment” answers here and there but if I didn’t know better … it sounds like there are some tricks up their sleeves for the near future.

Sadly, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be having any Live Events until September … or July … unless the answer to that question was a slip of the tongue. Carrie also confirmed that some new mount choices are on the horizon. (She admitted she spilled those beans to the Europeans so she shared that item with us.)

Definitely confirmed is RvR will be up next for a reassessment by the devs. There’s a lot of good stuff in the session and several things stood out to me. One has my eyebrow raised … unless I heard wrong, it sounds like the NPC’s will be taking up permanent residence in the cities whenever the Red Plague is unleashed. Could this be leading to big changes in the PvE areas of the outside world? Could mean many things.

We’ll have to wait and see.

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