The Red Plague Is Coming …

Stumbled upon this recent interview with Carrie Gouskas over at Overall there’s not much there that anyone closely following WAR didn’t already know about the upcoming patch.

The majority of the interview discusses the new city siege — which we’re all excited for. There were a couple other items that caught my attention as I skimmed through the two pages …

First are the new “bind on equip” items from PQs and such. This is an example from the article:

In the purple bag, the following careers get the associated items:
Sorcerer – Robe – Body – Int/Wou
Zealot – Robe – Body – Wou/Tou/Wil

Those two body robe items are now Bind on Equip rather than Bind on Pickup. What does this mean? If the Zealot wanted an offensive DPS piece of armor they could trade/buy it from the Sorcerer (and vice-versa if the Sorcerer wanted a defensive piece of armor).

That sounds interesting. This kind of flexibility could lend to some interesting gear combinations down the line. Then there’s some brief info about everyone’s favorite expansion rumor, the Red Plague. Nothing juicy but …

I just had to ask Carrie about this, wondering if this was merely a change being made for an upcoming event, a design decision, or both. Carrie explained that the decision was made as a bit of both.

All Carrie would elude to was that “the Red Plague is coming”. Okay. She admits that the NPC move had to also do with improving the economy and as I paraphrase … to congregate more players into the capital cities. Then lastly I liked this little tidbit about the over-tardy but not forgotten armor redesigns.

Carrie revealed that many players both hated and loved the proposed changes, and that players often get attached to their particular look, and so the issue has been more complicated than simply getting the work done, as they are looking for a solution that allows for both sides of the argument to be happy. Mythic has a plan in mind, which they are aiming to test out in the near future, but unfortunately I couldn’t find out exactly what that plan is. However, Carrie assured me that if everything goes to plan players should see the new armor changes in 1.3.6.

Sounds like we’ll potentially get to choose if we want the new designs or not. Perhaps those who do want them will visit a vendor to make the swap? Can someone say armorsmiths? /shrug

The Red Plague is coming … and that’s all we have to go on … for now.

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