Black & White

Things aren’t always black and white. Whether it’s political, philosophical, or religious there are many shades of gray one has to ponder. However, if you’ve been running around in Warhammer Online the past few days things are as simple as these two non-colors.

Mythic gave out Golden Writs late last week as part of the process to make right on the recent billing fiasco. These were mailed in-game to help make amends to those players who were overbilled erroneously (beyond helping to fix the money issues with banks, overdrafts, etc.). Say what you want as to whether these efforts were good enough or swift enough … I like the effort.

Players had options for what they could select with their Golden Writs — and options are always a good thing. One could select a free level, some interesting vanity items, special mounts and pets, or bottomless dyes. Yes … bottomless.

I don’t know what struck me more on Friday night as I logged in to run some Logrin’s Forge and to help out in RvR … the sea of griffon mounts or that everyone was wearing black and white.

The griffon mounts brought along their own problem … lag. Region chat was pretty funny as jokes, complaints, and more jokes were flying about this wave of flightless hybrids running amok in the zones and slowing things down. And they did cause some lag … for me anyway. I’ve always wanted one of those mounts. I have this compulsion to collect and the griffon mount is one of those items I’ve wanted. If I had one I don’t envision using it all the time. You’re not really going to sneak up on anyone with it. You can’t hide behind that tree anymore. It’s odd gallop can make you more conspicuous. It does look cool but … now it doesn’t seem so special anymore.

The dyes are a whole other item. Chaos Black and Skull White dyes don’t just fall from the sky. They are a very rare drop across the world and unless you’re lucky … you’re buying them from the auction house. I could care less about Skull White but have bought my fair share of Chaos Black. Black is cool. And for its cost one doesn’t simply apply it to chump gear or lower level toons. Until now …

With this new bottomless dye I’ve seen Tier 1 toons sporting black all over the place. One would never even think about doing this due to the cost, of course unless your toon moonlights as a gold-farming bot or you have friends who give it to you. Same for white. I saw a Tier 4 toon wearing all greens — Precursor no less — sporting the all Skull White look. LOL

Black and white are no longer the rare or cool colors to have when everyone’s got them. You can already see a drop in their price in the auction house so there goes that small part of the economy. And that rare griffon mount has now lost its rare and special adjectives.

The sad thing in all of this is seeing the number of special mounts and black and white toons running around. It shows how many people were affected by the overbilling. I truly felt bad for those who were overdrawn without warning and all the havoc it caused them … so is it wrong for me in my selfish mind to say “gee, I wish I got overbilled”?

The answer to that is “yes” … but I still thought it.

4 Responses to “Black & White”

  1. I tried the black, and with my Bright Wizard I looked like I was dressed for Halloween. I wasn’t impressed.

    I tried many different combinations, and went with the Orange Cremesicle look. It seems to look okay for my BW. So I am sporting some orange with my white.

    I did find it funny they put a short cooldown timer of 10 seconds on the bottomless dye that is Bound To Player. What is the point of that?

    • The cooldown is to prevent you from getting high off of all that dye. Imagine the fumes as you feverishly try to dye every piece of gear you have white/white.

  2. Gottfreyd Says:

    One thing to keep in mind is that this will even out over time. This was (God willing) a one time deal. As new players enter and old players leave, you will see the dyes and the mounts become a bit rare again.

    As for getting yourself a mount, Krosuss, it’s not as hard as you might think. In fact, I’m surprised more people didn’t have them before the writs came out. Go have a look at the Recruit a friend rules, and consider that at this time, you can recruit yourself 3 times if you dont have any friends to recruit, and it might not cost you as much as you think, or cost you anything at all.

    I went and bought boxes off of Amazon for $15 for the first couple and then they dropped down to $7 a pop. I gave them to people who were interrested in giving the game a go (7-15 bucks is an easy thing to get people into this great game!), or used them myself, and that was before the recent recruit a friend changes. These days, you don’t even have to buy a box to subscribe to the game! Recruit yourself 3 times or hell, give 3 friends $15 bucks each to download and try the game out (you’ll get 1 month free sub for each recruit) and you too can have the dog, the mount and the nothing-to-sneeze-at Rod of Service! You might even get some more players into the game while you are at it 🙂

    • Good point on the playerbase … but with the prices low at the moment I should buy, buy, buy … all of the frozen orange juice concentrate shares I can (those who know Trading Places will get that).

      I’ve invited a few people to the Recruit-A-Friend but only have the hound pet to show. I’ll get there though and one day will have my griffon … just in time for them to add something better.

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