Weekend Wish(front)

Hmmm … wondering if we’ll get a new Weekend Warfront scenario or another redux tomorrow. If it is a redo … I’m guessing we’ll be staring at Phoenix Gate again. I know you’ve been distracted with all the new city siege testing and all … and we’re all very excited for it to arrive. But we’re also excited for the weekends when we can play one of those missing scenarios. You know the ones you stripped out of the game to improve things. Well … they’ve been fun so far up until you stopped mid-stream to do repeats. We’re not ready for repeats. You have 10 missing scenarios yet to cycle through.

Please give me a reason to want to grind scenarios this weekend.

8 Responses to “Weekend Wish(front)”

  1. T4 Khaine’s Embrace, yes please

  2. I wish they had better rewards. I still have yet to finish any of the objectives. From what I’ve seen they are not that popular anyways, I get Nordenwatch most of the time.

    • The rewards are definitely lacking for the effort to complete some of the task lists. No one expects purple loot or stuff like that, but something better than a mid-range healing pot and an offensive pot that does minimal damage. The end reward to grant additional emblems is nice.

      Much of what people have suggested were simple things like special trophies, pocket items, things like that. The titles are good but some of these tasks lists are fairly tough to complete. I’ve been fortunate to have finished them all so far … except for the repeats.

      Not sure what server you play on but on Iron Rock, if you single queue the special scenario it pops a ton the whole weekend. Try queueing just that scenario and see if it pops more for you. There’s a 10% renown buff for running the special scenario.

  3. I whis they’d never reinstated Reikland Factory to begin with. Give me T4 Mourkain Temple anytime. AoE bliss for me Magus.

    Unlike most people, I like Doomfist Crater (stealth healing under the flag) and loathe Phoenix Gate (either I try to get the flag and we all die or I don’t and we lose).

    Gief War Quarters! Or a brand new one, that’d be awesome but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Yeah, I felt they could’ve used those two city scenarios … War Quarters and the Undercroft … for something.

      I don’t mind Reikland Factory but it can become a cat and mouse chase rather than actually fighting. And like you, I also like Doomfist Crater. Lots of fighting and they did a great job on the map … visually a pretty awesome scenario.

    • Reikland Factory is used to farm insignias and emblems. If you enjoy running into RR80 premades than enjoy yourself. It is the fastest scenario to get 500 points without fighting.

      Basically it is capturing all the flags, and spawn camping or farming at the landing until it ticks 500 in less than 2 minutes.

      It is the most worthless scenario ever, but Nordenfail is a close second. I don’t even queue those two now.

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