Jealous Yet?

Perusing the web I came across this story which made me think …

I don’t know that much about Age of Conan except that it had some hype swirling about it prior to its launch in May 2008. What it had going for itself was first, it was based on Conan and second, the graphics were top notch. From what I understand it had some issues soon after it went live … from a lack of content to slow performance to some other things. The game then lost subscribers resulting in the web predicting the game’s demise. Funny thing, no one told Funcom their game was dead and a little over a year after launch they announced their first expansion: Rise of the Godslayer. And now … less than a year since that announcement that expansion is being released.

I find it funny when a game doesn’t live up to expectations or it isn’t as successful as the pundits predict the “masses” turn ugly. I know that the game did have some real issues but reading along over time Funcom slowly fixed their game. I’ve read a lot of hate around AOC but mixed in amongst the troll-posts there are real fans telling their side. Reading those posts I smiled because I knew exactly where they were coming from. I could see how much they really loved their game and they stuck with it and enjoyed it for what it was, not what others thought it should be.

There’s a lot of variety out there for MMO gamers these days and one should root and cheer for them all to keep the lights on. I ask this rhetorically but why do people feel the need to shit on others’ MMO’s? AOC obviously has a nice playerbase or they wouldn’t be getting an expansion so soon after it launched. And I’m sure those players go through their days looking forward to getting home so they can login to play. Escaping the stresses of real life these players are happy to enter the Hyborian Kingdoms to level their toon … to hunt for lootz … to play with friends. For them, this is a slice of joy and something they look forward to. So again … why do people feel the need to shit on someone else’s joy especially when it’s merely a game?

Because they are dicks. Their joy outweighs yours and your game sucks because it didn’t meet their expectations.

If you’re reading this it’s because you either play Warhammer Online or are interested in it. Us WAR veterans have lived a similar tale as those from AOC. Granted, the hype levels were waaaaaay more for WAR than AOC but our game went through some similar doldrums. I’ve read here, there, and everywhere how crummy WAR was and how pathetic Mythic is for the game they released. I’ve read a ton of hypotheses for why the game “failed” and why it was no good. FAILHammer! Those same AOC trolls take similar pleasure in taking a crap on WAR whenever they can. The sad thing is … many of these trolls obviously haven’t played either game in a long, long time or never played at all. But they are experts nonetheless.

So I’m here to say to my AOC brothers and sisters I’m happy for you as your game’s first expansion is released. As you wait in anticipation for all the new shinies and content know that not everyone out there is readying a pile of dung to lob onto your joy. GRATZ!

Now let me ask my WAR brethren … are you jealous? We’ve walked that long, rough road ourselves for a game we look forward to playing, to escaping the stresses of everyday life. We’ve heard how awful our game is and how it failed. And sure, WAR definitely has had its issues. No one denies that. Mythic has worked hard to make right the wrongs of a hurried launch. Our player base dwindled and we heard how our game was dead. There have been some signs these past few months to give us hope and anticipation for “something” to renew our fervor for this game we love.

It’s been 19 months since launch … will we hear about our expansion?


12 Responses to “Jealous Yet?”

  1. It is coming, but you didn’t hear it from me.

  2. It’s coming, you heard it from him

  3. Whether or not an expansion is upcoming, I have a hard time even imagining what it would be. Personally, I don’t see a 3rd Realm happening, which leaves RvR the way it currently works, for possibly all out eternity.

    New Dungeons, Zones, Itemsets? Possibly, however that hardly strikes me as an expansion as such, but a mere content update that’d be long overdue to begin with. Most definitely nothing that’d even be remotely worth to go out as a box sale.

    The major flaw I see are their really, really long patch cycles. They take too long and are too bulky, and hence usually introduce more bugs than fixes. I do not know of any games that only gets patches every 3-4 months, but weekly if not daily if it comes to bug fixes. Granted, our patcher occasionally does something upon starting up, god knows what however. Not like Mythic deemed it worth telling us about it ;>

  4. My prediction is that we’ll hear about it at E3.

  5. theerivs Says:

    Well since I rode the rollercoaster for alot of these games. I don’t have hate for AoC just disappointment. I liked alot of the game, but ultimately it wasn’t for me. I think they had the best Necromancer class I ever seen or played. I was seriously thinking of going back.

    WAR I had been there since the day one, and I did take breaks here or there, but I took breaks from World of Warcraft too. I think you have to sometimes or try different things or you will get burnt out

    I look forward to what Mythic brings to WAR next, they are customer oriented, and though sometimes things don’t pan out, I know they try their hardest, and that’s all I can ask for.

    But here’s to rooting for a 3rd faction…i need more things to kill.

    • Good point on the burnout factor. I can totally see that with any MMO no matter how much content, etc. I’ve gone through that with WAR myself.

      Sometimes it’s just good to step back and relax for a bit.

  6. Gottfreyd Says:

    Excellent post! But you know, this issue is not unique to the gaming world. It happens in any creative field, films being right up there. Hell, you can even be making an absolute fortune like WoW or Star Wars Episode I, and there will be people who take joy in attacking and insulting these products. If the product didn’t fail based on finances or promise, then it failed because it appealed to the masses etc.

    The truth is, many folks just enjoy attacking and insulting things. It’s the “my team” vs. “your team” that is particularly out of control in the U.S. Arguments aren’t based on real discourse, they are based on a few well established factoids (that may or may not even be current, or even factual) as fuel for the attack, and a series of blistering witty verbal assaults. I still see some people attacking WAR based on things that haven’t been true since a couple of months post launch. They just trot out the same old tired complaints without even acknowledging the comments by current players who attempt to correct them. Then you just get called a “fan-boy” (what a convenient argument that is! All you have to do is show yourself a fan of something then your arguments must all be wrong!).

    We are a long way from the ancient world, where men argued to learn from each other and test their theories. Now it’s often just another form of competition, where the facts are twisted to support the theory, rather than the theory developing from the facts. Meanwhile, the truth gets buried somewhere. That’s why forums are such a double edged sword. You can’t ignore your fan base, but you can’t assume they know what they are talking about, or are even being rational.

  7. Whatever the Addon, it needs to be very strong. Either a 3rd realm, which I would be godsmacked to see, since to do it justice, would be a lot of work, and to be honest would have had to have been in development in conjuction with everything else we have and I’m sure something would have leaked out in a piece of code 😉 OR more real estate, which I’m not sure we could fill. Maybe some vertical real estate within the current Realms.

    • Looking at DAOC’s history one would think that any development of an expansion would have been in the works alongside or soon thereafter launch. There were expansions every year with that game.

      I agree that a third realm and all that could possibly go with it would entail a ton of work not just for the new realm but for the existing ones.

  8. Which would fall nicely in with the Skaven conspiracy theories.

  9. Most interesting is that the expansion, and AoC in general, is receiving a lot of critical and fan acclaim. It gives me excitement and hope that WAR too can achieve a level of success that it isn’t currently enjoying, as far as subscription numbers are concerned compared to it’s first few months.

    I don’t exactly wish for 32 full servers, because it’s not necessary for the life of the game, but I do hope for the utmost commercial and critical success that can be achieved. Here’s hoping that AoC shows other MMO producers that with the effort and love, a game that has been ‘written off’ can be viewed in an entirely new light.

    • WAR has come a long way since launch … it’s a much better game. If the new city siege is as good in production as it was in tests it could be the cherry on the sundae.

      I agree, an expansion could boost WAR a great deal … if it’s the correct kind of expansion.

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