Momma Said, Be Sensible

As I stop my daydreaming and wide-eyed expansionistic thinking, let’s ponder some more reasonable ideas.

Third faction. New Races. Adding classes. Missing capital cities. New zones. New dungeons. Flying mounts. Lootz! Did I miss anything? Most of these items would be bold and time consuming endeavors to expand WAR. They also happen to be the most fun to spend time speculating about. Pondering all the goodies the Warhammer world has to offer it’s easy to get lost in all sorts of ideas of grandiose design that players would like to see. Forgotten underneath the big ideas are usually a lot of little things that may not be as sexy but are worthwhile in their own ways. Let’s explore some possible ideas that are more easily implemented than an expansion and make sense.

Guild Ranks. At this point many guilds have reached the Rank 40 cap. Since my guild hit 40 our roster has gotten a bit bloated with everyone’s ALTs and there’s not as much concern for inactive players. No more ranks means no drag on guild XP. I feel the guild rank cap should be raised at least by 10 and with it some added incentives to leveling up. These incentives could include additional standards, additional bonuses for claiming keeps, perhaps guild-only buffs that are applied to guild groups and warbands, etc. This could make being in and ranking up guilds meaningful again.

Ranks. In a game where once you’ve hit Rank 40 it’s all about renown, do regular ranks matter? Many MMO’s raise the level cap with the release of an expansion as incentive to get players to do newly released content … would that work in WAR? Perhaps 10 additional ranks? What would make it worthwhile? Addition of new abilities, tactics, and morales? Career balance has come a long way so adding any of these would need to be done with care. Putting in new gear with level requirements could be a carrot to dangle in front of players’ noses as well. If we’re to level up our rank the incentives for doing so need to be good.

Renown Ranks. I definitely feel the renown cap should be raised to 100. However, I dread the thought of how much renown one would need to go from RR99 to RR100. Doing this would probably prompt a real need for a Tier 5 to separate players from RR65+. Grinding renown ranks isn’t necessarily fun so a little more incentive should be included to make leveling up a worthwhile endeavor. Better Renown Mastery skills would be a nice start in addition to the extra Mastery point per 10 renown ranks. If the regular Rank cap is raised to 50 then to keep things proportional the Renown cap should be raised accordingly. At least it appears there are renown titles that go up that high.

Makeovers. Did you screw up when you first created your toon? Wish you picked that other hair style? You’re not alone. I don’t see this as being too difficult to implement. I mean, with all the new Korean-inspired heads/hairs I’m sure there are plenty of westerners who’d love the chance to change up. Should it be free or must this privilege be bought? If you’ve reached Rank 40 your character has been through many battles. The ability to add new battle scars, new tattoos, piercing, etc. would help further players’ desires to make their toon as unique as they are.

Mounts. There are a nice range of mounts available from the Basics to the Guild Basic options to the Guild R37 cadillacs. Reading the forums there’s a lot of good ideas out there for some alternative mounts — especially for dwarfs. There was also talk of being able to add trophies and other items to your mount which has never been implemented. And while we’re at it … let’s make it so the gear on mounts can be dyed. (You’ll notice I didn’t mention mounted combat.)

RvR Influence Rewards. Unlike the lower tiers, it can take forever to fill the RvR Influence meters in the three Tier 4 pairings. (I still haven’t filled Dwarf/Greenskin.) And then by the time you do fill them, odds are you have items that are way better. Why exactly was I filling this little bar again? I feel it’s time to revamp this by adding better items, more items, and the ability to buy all rather than a this-or-that choice. There are many ways to get gear in WAR, and this one is a bit lacking at the moment for higher-level players.

Armorsmiths. Someday when the armor redesigns come, there will be a lot of happy players. Back when it seemed like these were right around the corner there was a Dev post discussing the various methods Mythic was pondering for how to get new armor designs into players’ hands. The one I felt had the most utility was the use of a new vendor that players would go to when they were ready to change the “look” of their armor … or … players could skip it if they liked the way their armor currently appeared. Sounds pretty simple. This “vendor” could lead to a future armorsmith where players could go and select a different skin for their armor. In addition, the armorsmith could offer other services to trick out your gear with other visual selections and perhaps even added talisman slots or boosts to individual stats. And while we’re at it … how about a Weaponsmith with similar features? If not as vendors perhaps make these into some new crafting professions … ones that a player could take pride in when they create something.

PvE Tokens. What?!? Tired of running those darn PvE instances for gear and nothing ever drops for your class? Well … similar to getting tokens to buy RvR armor why not also have a chance to get PvE instance tokens. If you have worse luck than Schleprock, then a little help to fill out your Dark Promise might be warranted. What’s the threshold for how many times must I run this instance and still not finish my set? And how many times can you run one of those dungeons and that darn weapon just … won’t … drop. I know WAR is an RvR game but it’s nice to have these PvE options as a distraction for when you don’t feel like mixing it up.

These are just some things off the top of my head. Surely this menagerie of items are not expansion boxworthy on their own but wrap them with a new zone or two and are they Live Expansion worthy? Or just mega-patch worthy?

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