State Secrets

Besides the mention of soon being able to play both Order and Destruction on the same server (with the same account), another item stood out for me in the April Producer’s Letter. After thanking Gaarawarr, Mykiel, Shadow-war, and Werit for making the trip to Mythic for the blogger visit, this little tidbit was mentioned:

” Also keep on the lookout for a special announcement video coming straight from the bloggers to you! “

What exactly will our esteemed bloggers reveal? What top-secret info have they been keeping under wraps since their recent visit? And most importantly what MIB mind-wiping device did Mythic use to make these guys keep such secrets?

The odds of these two dwarfs and two elves giving up any secrets? Slim to none. Guess we’ll have to be patient. While we wait … if you haven’t read them yet, stop by their blogs to check out all the info they gathered during their recent visit. Lots of stuff and all worth reading!

4 Responses to “State Secrets”

  1. I caught that little tidbit too. I am curious to see what they have been holding back from us. I just don’t know because they have all been speculating on expansions, third faction, and etc so with the NDA I don’t think they would be speculating on something that is secret.

    I guess it is the old wait, and see.

    • That could be all a part of the plan to get the community guessing, speculating, and excited.

      Gaar is on my server and I’ve offered him gold, talismans, Sandstorm weapons, liniments, etc. and he won’t talk. LOL

  2. gaarawarr Says:

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