Crossdressing Allowed

The April Producer’s Letter is out. I’m liking the direction Carrie is taking communications with the players.

This latest letter recaps what they’ve been up to and the current status of the new city siege we can expect in Patch 1.3.5. There will be more PTS events coming down the pike which are good opportunities for players to help shape WAR by previewing, playing, and testing content before it goes live. It’s also nice to hear that the Dev Team will continue to have post-testing Q&A sessions. These are where players can ask questions of the devs and in some cases they will actually answer. And sometimes … the question’s topic is of a nature they simply give a “no comment”.

The new city siege is just around the corner, so Carrie shared what we can expect next — Fortresses and RvR. As impressive as the new siege is shaping up to be, the experience of getting to the city has been less than exciting these past few months, so these two items will be important. For Forts it was mentioned previously that there could be an ideas thread on the forums that will allow players to chime in with ideas and voice concerns about reintroducing these back into the game (as a part of the campaign or no). I assume we’ll see a similar thread about RvR. So put your thinking caps on and plan on sharing your thoughts!

In the last paragraph of the letter is a bombshell … Mythic will open up the option of players being able to play both Order and Destruction on the same server. This will most likely be a lightning rod subject and if you go to the forums there’s already a thread awaiting your concerns (or likes). There are definitely two sides to this announcement and depending upon how you look at it this change could be good or bad.

I have some Destro ALTs but they live over on Gorfang. I don’t play them that often and the highest ranked is currently R19. They are there as a change of pace and I don’t envision any of them reaching R40 anytime soon. So when I don’t feel like burning faces with my Bright Wizard or I want a no complications night of WAR, I’ll login over there. I don’t really know the community there and that’s okay. I hear of many players rolling ALTs on other servers to try the other side or to simply experience the community elsewhere. Then there are players who have multiple accounts so they can play both sides on a single server. Some of these folks play honestly and as the Producer’s Letter says, they are familiar with their server community and want to play there for that reason. And there are others who do this for not too altruistic reasons. Cross-realming is heavily frowned upon and I agree. If you want to win so badly that you would spy and flip sides sharing vital “WAR strategies” so you can win, seek help … it’s just a game. The Letter mentions a lockout timer so players can’t login as Order … get a feel for what’s happening … and then logout to relog as their Destro alter-ego. Depending on the length of the lockout I would be fine with this. But how long would be acceptable?

Admittedly there are some guildies I wouldn’t mind punking and definitely some folks on Order I’d like to grief a little. In the end, my allegiance is to Order but having the option to roll Destro on Iron Rock and fight against the people I typically fight alongside could be a fun option when being one of the “good” guys doesn’t suit.

Feel free to share your thoughts but also take a trip to the forum to read what others are saying and to make your voice heard.

3 Responses to “Crossdressing Allowed”

  1. Bah humbug to the idea.

    • The playing same server one 😉

      • LOL

        I really don’t care about it. I am content to play my Destro ALTs on a different server. If I wanted to do it on Iron Rock badly enough an extra $15 a month is in my budget … but it never seemed like something I would have a desire to do.

        If they do implement this, then I might be tempted to give it a try. Some guildies were talking last night and we’re already planning ways we can mess with the other guildies. We love them, but it would just be something different and fun.

        Go over to Bootae’s blog he has an interesting take on this.

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