WAR has seen its ups and downs … are we now looking at one of the biggest ups in a long time? Spending some quality time with the wife I was unable to take part in tonight’s city siege testing. I’m a bit jealous but in a way I’d rather wait till it goes live. I want to savor the newness of the whole thing. I’ve taken part in past test events and they can be fun. Working on software as my day job, testing a game is far more entertaining than regression testing on some web-based work application.

Many WAR bloggers have dug into the extensive patch notes — and they are extensive. This patch is massive. I know many have been wanting new this and new that but when you look at all that’s been put into 1.3.5 Mythic should be given some credit for all the effort. They have been through a lot the past 6+ months and to be where they are now … kudos! That said, do I expect everything to go swimmingly when this all goes live? Ummm …. well …. let’s be realistic. I’m guessing there will be some glitches when this goes live due to the sheer volume of changes and updates, but Mythic has typically been quick to right the ship. So I’ll be patient.

With so much coming where does one focus their excitement? The city siege changes are surely front and center. Overall, the proposed changes have been greeted with a lot of enthusiasm. Having taken part in the current city siege all too often I welcome the new. It should relieve a ton of angst and stress. Have you ever tried to get into a King Kill warband? We’ll discuss that in another post. I am more looking forward to fighting it out in both cities rather than humping BO’s and waiting and waiting and waiting. And what’s funny is for the most part, both sides were content to do this. On Iron Rock, Order would have their regular King push and Destro barely noticed. Then when it was Destro’s turn, Order obliged. A generalization, I know, as not everyone layed down, but for the most part … folks were apathetic. Very polite of us all to allow each other to trick out our toons with Sovereign. For all the complaints of population imbalance, when either side was serious about their push, they could field plenty of people to push zones quickly and steamroll the opposition. The new city experience can’t come soon enough.

For those that care about PvE, the fixes to Tomb of the Vulture Lord are also welcome. Anyone who has reached Boss 7 can attest to the hours wasted trying to beat this bug-riddled bitch. (No offense King Amenemhetum … I’m sure she was a peach before the whole mummification thing.) Boss 7 in its current state is tougher than downing Tchar’zanek. And not because it should be but because of the bugs. Many a guild group has been brought to the brink of screaming at one another trying to maneuver this boss. Competent, sound, good players are made to look like noobs as mobs get stuck, their pathing goes astray, and color auras mysteriously change before your eyes. TOVL is actually a fun encounter but I’ve stayed away recently awaiting these fixes.

Lastly, I am intrigued by the token/currency changes. The “speed” talis have caused a stink but I am wondering about what will come later to the Token Vendors. Dreams of new armor, weapons, gear, potions, etc. With a 1-to-1 breakdown from Royal to Warlord to Invader to Conqueror to Officer … does that mean items will be bought solely with the main crests? I did read that right … 1 Royal breaks down to 1 Warlord, right? And so on? Will Officer Medallions no longer be needed in massive quantities to buy armor? One of the joys of getting higher level crests meant you could break them down into a slew of Officers. What else was I to do with all those Conq Crests? Many are frantically breaking down what they have now but is that for naught? Mythic claims this new system will make adding items to the Token Vendors easier, more meaningful, and better. We’ll see once we get a gander at the new prices and how many crests we’ll be getting in game.

1.3.5 will bring us WAR as it should have been all along. Right? Some players are jaded that over a year and a half later we are finally getting the game as it should have been. Well … if you’ve stuck with it this long, appreciate where it was and now where it’s going. Of course, much of these fixes are for the Korean launch. That’s a tough market to crack but if WAR can make inroads there … we can all benefit. I’m hopeful that WAR finds it’s place among the millions of Korean gamers. More subscribers means more future goodies. I want more. Don’t you?

This patch should be a big deal. Much of the playerbase has been patiently awaiting this the last of the major fixes to the game they play and enjoy. How soon thereafter before we hear some real news? And you know what I mean by “real” …

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